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East Bali Cashews

In 2012, Aaron Fishman travelled to rural East Bali as a healthcare volunteer. He was astonished by the breathtaking beauty of the region—the volcanoes, dense jungle, and rugged hillsides are home to a rich, complex culture and a vibrant community. Yet Aaron discovered that behind the beauty, East Bali is an impoverished region of cashew farmers. The entrepreneur in Aaron saw an opportunity for a powerful social venture that would create jobs and improve the quality of life for the community; a globally responsible company that made honest food through genuine, transparent and sustainable business practices. From the humble village of Desa Ban, East Bali Cashews was born. At East Bali Cashews, we believe “you are what you eat”. That’s why whenever possible we source our ingredients fresh from the local trees and gardens of Karangasem. Organic ginger, chili peppers, coconuts, rosella and plenty more are deliciously combined with the highest-quality cashews in the world. Our kitchen cooks up snacks that are healthy, gourmet and worry-free.