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Havelteh is an Indonesian artisan tea company with an aim to provide gourmet Indonesian tea for everyone to enjoy. Havelteh uses only the top 1% quality grade tea leaves from various plantations distributed throughout the country, and blends them with herbs, flowers, spices sourced from all over the world. Sourcing raw materials from relatively close plantations allows us to provide the freshest products at affordable prices, compared to imported goods. Havelteh is prepared and filled by hand by female workers who live around the factory site. 

Fruit Kingdom Tea - 30 g

IDR 80,000 IDR 76,000

Maternitea Tea - 30 g

IDR 80,000 IDR 76,000

Papilio Berry Tea - 30 g

IDR 80,000 IDR 76,000

Susvada Mango Tea - 30 g

IDR 60,000 IDR 57,000