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Herbilogy offers wellness solutions with 100% natural and plant-based ingredients. The idea of Herbilogy came about when founder Debora Gondokusumo was pregnant with her child. Wanting only the best nutrients for the development of the baby in her womb, she became literate about the foods she ate, the products she used, and the meaning of holistic health. Equipped with her experience as a chemical engineer, she brought Herbilogy to life with one goal: to educate Indonesians about the importance of maintaining their and their family’s health, in a holistic approach. At Herbilogy we want to provide trustworthy quality at an affordable price to show you that wellness can be maintained everyday easily. We do hope that what we provide through Herbilogy will inspire you to live a healthier natural life. Remember, everything natural is much better for a healthy and beautiful body, especially in the long run!