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Hundred Seeds

Hundred Seeds was founded in 2012 by French expatriate Julien Borello who arrived in Bali a few years earlier to settle for good. Julien was instantly charmed by the beauty of the island as well as by the warmth and authenticity of the Balinese culture and its people. His passion for quality food brought him to the depths of the Klungkung jungle, where he met farmers who were perpetuating traditional farming methods such as climbing coconut trees to gather coconut nectar, or harvesting natural sea salt straight from the beach. Needless to say that these products were incredibly pure and free of any pesticides or chemicals. Their taste were amazing and Julien realized that they were the perfect ingredients to make his favorite breakfast dish also known as... Granola! Since our early days, our main commitment has remained the same: to use mainly unprocessed, whole, and chemical-free ingredients to ensure a world-class quality product.