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3-Pack Beeswax Wraps in Tropical Fruit

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BOENKUS Beeswax Wraps are a reusable, rewashable, and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic and cling wrap. BOENKUS Beeswax Wraps are 100% natural, so no nasties will leech into your food whilst its being stored. The combination of natural ingredients allows the wraps to breathe, making sure your food stays fresher for longer.

Each pack contains three assorted patterns with three different sizes:

Small - 17.5 cm x 20 cm - Perfect for cut fruits or leftover vegetables, and as a cover for mason jars.

Medium - 25 cm x 27.5 cm - Ideal for storing snacks, covering cabbage or cauliflower.

Large - 33 cm x 35 cm - Perfect for sandwiches, and can cover most bowls and containers.

  • 100% natural
  • Eco-friendly
Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and create a seal. When cool, the wrap will form a tight seal. Use BOENKUS Beeswax Wrap to wrap fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and cheese. BOENKUS Beeswax Wrap is not recommended for use with raw meat.
Wash your wraps in cool water with a mild dish soap, and air dry them in your dish rack. Avoid all sources of heat, such as hot water, direct sunlight and microwaves, as they will start to melt. Wrapping specific foods like beetroot, may result in some colour staining of your wraps.

BOENKUS Beeswax Wraps last up to 6-12 months with proper care and regular usage. You’ll know your wrap has reached the end of its useful life in the kitchen when it has worn thin and has trouble sticking to itself. Once you have used your wrap to the max, you can pop it on your compost bin.