One green step, for the #greatergood of our home. 


Studio Dapur

Bamboo crafts have long been underestimated due to their common association with hasty and low-quality production. Bamboo is often perceived as having only short-term or disposable use, which is ironic considering it is our future green material. Studio Dapur aims to break this cycle by collaborating with artisans to produce high-quality artisanal bamboo products, thus increasing their economic value and ensuring fair compensation for the artisans.


Studio Dapur is committed to giving back to the village by sharing 10% of the company's profits, which will be used to provide financial support, improve livelihoods, fund research and development, and enhance productivity. By October 2021, Studio Dapur had collaborated with 10 full-time artisans and 8 other partner craftsmen, ten of whom are women. Six of these artisans were newly trained and under 35 years old with no previous bamboo experience.