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BAGGU is a bag brand established in 2007 in California. CEO and designer Emily Sugihara launched Baggu with her mom Joan shortly after graduating from college. Their original and best-selling item, the Standard Baggu, is a rip stop nylon shopping bag that comes with and fits in a 5” by 5” pouch. Based on the construction of the plastic grocery bag, the Standard Baggu is durable, lightweight, and can hold 2-3 times more than a traditional grocery bag. Simple, reusable, machine washable, and the fact that they do limited colours and patterns every season makes BAGGU highly collectible. 

Ear Loop Fabric Mask Set in Clay

IDR 480,000 IDR 432,000

Standard Baggu in Green Lime

IDR 210,000 IDR 189,000

Baby Baggu in Blue Papaya

IDR 180,000 IDR 162,000

Standard Baggu in Summer Fruit

IDR 210,000 IDR 189,000