One green step, for the #greatergood of our home. 


Coconut Fiber Donut Scouring Brush

IDR 28,000

Tired off harsh scrubbers scratching your precious cookware and leaaving microplastics behind? Introducing the Greater Good Donut Scouring Brush, the sustainble solutoin for sparkling clean dishes and a guilt-free conscience! Naturally hard-wearing yet gentle enough for even the most delicate surfaces, these bristles power through baked-on messes without a scratch. The ergonomic donut shape fits snugly in your palm, making scrubbing a breeze. Plus, the hole in the middle let’s soapy water flow through, rinsing away food debris and keep your hands clean.

From tackling greasy ovens to sparkling glassware, the Donut Scouring Brush handles it all. It’s the one-stop shop for all your kitchen (and maybe even bathroom) cleaning needs.

Dimensions: W 9.5 x H 3.3 cm

  • 100% natural
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Compostable
Scouring brush made of plastic.
Coconut fiber bristles, stainless steel wire.
If the coconut fiber bristles become bent or misshapen, you can gently reshape them with your fingers while the brush is damp. When the bristles are frayed or no longer effective, it’s time to replace the brush.
Made in Indonesia.
Coconut fibers are 100% compostable. Stainless steel wire is 100% recyclable in metal recycling.