One green step, for the #greatergood of our home. 



IDR 90,000

The Lunette Cupwipes are a great, easy option for sanitizing your menstrual cup when water isn't an option. The wipes are individually wrapped and fit conveniently in your purse or pocket. Road trips, public toilets, airplane bathrooms, festival porta-potties or just your office bathroom stall - you’re totally covered.

The box contains 10 individually wrapped wipes which are easy to stash in your back pocket or purse. When unfolded, each wipe is 17.8 cm long and 14 cm wide.

Fragrance-free and irritant-free, the natural companion to your Lunette cup.

Kind to the environment, Lunette Cupwipes are made from viscose - a biodegradable material that breaks down quickly. You can compost the used wipe.

  • 100% natural
  • Eco-friendly