Pack of 2 Natural Loofah Sponges

IDR 45,000

Have you been unimpressed with the effectivity of a natural kitchen sponge in the past? You’ll change your tune with Greater Good Natural Loofah Sponges! Our loofah sponges are made from 100% natural and unbleached loofah plant to provide you with a natural alternative to traditional plastic sponges. With neither GMO nor artificial additives, our sponges might not come in the exact same color, but they all equally allow you to enjoy a cleaner and healthier kitchen experience. Our loofah sponges are made from 2 layers of high-density loofah tightly sewn together for extra durability.

Our loofah sponges will arrive to you compressed and thin, but when soaked in water they will become swollen, soft, and flexible. This house essential will provide deep cleaning and will wipe any dirt, oil, and tough stains without scratching your dishes, cookware, or countertops. It can also effectively and delicately clean the surface of vegetables and fruits. The mesh-like texture of loofah makes it easy to foam using less cleaning soap, and helps it dry faster without collecting bad odor and germs.

You can finally bid adieu to those grimy and stinky plastic sponges! When our loofah sponges are worn out, they can be degraded and tossed into your compost pile.

  • 100% natural
  • Eco friendly
  • Compostable
100% Natural Loofah
Rinse your loofah with clear water to get rid of excess soap, then squeeze and hang to dry. Unused sponges can be stored for years in a dry place free of dust. Each sponge can be used for 4-6 weeks.