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Regular Organic Cotton Tampons with Applicator

IDR 120,000

Most applicators are made from plastic or rigid bio-plastics. These commonly contain phthalates, which can be absorbed through the skin and cause hormone disruption. What’s more is they don’t biodegrade, contributing to worldwide plastic-pollution.

Many rayon-blend tampons have a plastic veil to prevent fibre-loss, and they can also have added perfume or dyes which is totally unnecessary for managing your period.

Natracare Super Organic Cotton Tampons with Applicator are made of 100% certified organic cotton with cardboard applicator, which is completely biodegradable. Natracare never uses GM cotton or unnecessary plastic to keep you vagina free from pesticide residues, plastic, or toxic residuals and rayon.

Absorbency: 6-9 grams, for light or medium menstrual flow days. 

Length: 6 cm (actual), 12 cm (applicator)

Contains 16 organic tampons per pack.

  • 100% natural
  • Eco-friendly
  • Organic
Tampon: Certified organic cotton

Applicator: Biodegradable cardboard applicator and paper wrapper

Packaging: Recycled cardboard printed with vegetable-based ink