Charcoal Dental Floss with Natural Peppermint Flavor

IDR 65,000

Unlike today’s popular plastic dental floss, this floss has been specifically created with both the environment and premium oral health in mind. Our vegan charcoal dental floss is made from a blend of charcoal fibres and a minimal amount of polyester yarns, coated with candelilla wax. It has a refreshing peppermint flavour to provide a burst of freshness to your mouth—perfect for when getting ready in the mornings! This floss will glide smoothly to effectively clean between your teeth and gums. Made using 100% recyclable glass instead of wasteful plastic, the packaging of this eco dental floss is not only better for the environment—but fully reusable too. Reuse the glass jar as much as you please with our 2 x 30 metres refills.

Total Length: 30 metres (around 100 applications)

  • Eco friendly
Activated Charcoal, Polyester Yarn, Euphorbia Cerifera Wax, Mentha Piperita Oil