One green step, for the #greatergood of our home. 


Coconut Fiber Toilet Brush with Stand

IDR 225,000

Upgrade your bathroom with Greater Good Toilet Brush and Stand, a luxurious and eco-friendly duo that elevates both hygiene and style. Ditch the flimsy plastic brushes - this natural cleaning powerhouse is as kind to your toilet as it is to the planet. This handcrafted beauty boasts a sustainably sourced teakwood handle, naturally resistant to water and bacteria thanks to its inherent oils. The teakwood is further protected by a durable, water-based coating that extends its lifespan while preserving its natural beauty. 

But the magic truly lies in the bristles. The naturally gentle yet tough coconut coir bristles cleans effectively without scratching delicate surfaces or leaving behind microplastics. Unlike their plastic counterparts, these natural fibers are kind to both your toilet and the planet. 

The teakwood stand keeps your brush hygienically stored and upright, preventing drips and messes. And let’s not forget the sleek design, this brush will a touch of natural elegance to any bathroom. 

  • Dimensions:
  • Brush: L 35.5 x W 6.5 cm
  • Stand: H 29 x W 14.5 cm 

  • 100% natural
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Compostable
Toilet brush made of plastic.
Teakwood handle and stand, coconut fiber bristles.
General Care: After using the brush, rinse it thoroughly with clean water to remove any food particles or debris. Allow the brush to air dry completely before storing it. Do not hang it by the bristles, as this can cause the wood to warp. Instead, lay it flat or stand it up on the handle. Do not soak your brush in water for extended periods, as this can damage the wood and loosen the bristles. For deeper cleaning, you can occasionally scrub the bristles with a mild soapy water solution. Rinse thoroughly afterwards and air dry completely.

Teakwood Handle: To maintain the natural beauty of the teakwood handle, apply a light coat of teak oil or mineral oil every few months. This will help prevent the wood from drying out and cracking. Avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents on the teakwood handle, as these can damage the wood.

Coconut Bristles: If the coconut fiber bristles become bent or misshapen, you can gently reshape them with your fingers while the brush is damp. When the bristles are frayed or no longer effective, it’s time to replace the brush.
Made in Indonesia.
100% compostable.