Borosilicate Glass Jar with Acacia Wood Lid - 1300 ml

IDR 165,000

Greater Good Borosilicate Glass Jar with Acacia Wood Lid offers an attractive, healthy, and eco-friendly way to store anything you can think of. Constructed from premium grade borosilicate glass, our durable glass jars are heat and freeze resistant. The all-natural acacia wood lid adds natural warmth to the classic glass canister for storage and display. Tight food-grade silicone seal creates an airtight environment to keep contents fresh.

One of the biggest benefits of storing foods and liquids in glass is that it’s nonporous. You won’t have to worry about food, germs, or even smells seeping into your glass containers. The same can’t be said for plastic! Rest assured – our glassware do not have any traces of harmful chemicals and toxins!

Available in 6 sizes: 325 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, 1300 ml and 2000 ml.

  • Dimension:
  •    -   Width: 11.3 cm
  •    -   Height: 15.5 cm
  •    -   Opening Diameter: 8 cm

  • Eco friendly
Premium Grade Borosilicate Glass Jar, Acacia Wood Lid
Dishwasher safe without the lid, however we recommend hand-washing with non-abrasive solution for extended life. Safe in microwave without the lid.