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LastTissue Pack of 6 Refills

IDR 220,000

Greater Good is the official retailer of LastObject.

LastTissue is like a handkerchief and paper tissue had an eco-friendly baby. A refill pack of 6 organic cotton tissues to use when your originals are either in the laundry or you just need to stack up on a new batch, eliminating the need for 3.100 single-use tissues. A hygienic barrier inside the pack separates the clean tissues from the used ones. They will keep your nose happy and the planet even happier. LastTissue will blow your mind.

  • Eco friendly
  • 100% Recyclable
Single-use tissues made from trees.
Tissues: GOTS-certified organic cotton.
Case: 100% silicone.
100% recyclable and compostable FSC-certified box.
After use, throw the tissues together with your laundry and they will come out even softer. Dry them, fold them and pop them back into the case.
Designed and developed in Denmark, manufactured responsibly in China.
With proper care, LastTissue will last you years. The case can potentially last longer and can be reused with the refills. Should LastTissue reach the end of its life, separate the mixed materials.

Cotton tissues: 100% recyclable with textiles.
Silicone case: responsibly recycled through Waste4Change.
Paper box: 100% recyclable and compostable.