One green step, for the #greatergood of our home. 


Natural Fiber Pot Brush

IDR 84,000

This Greater Good Natural Fiber Bristle Pot Brush can clean stains from all different kinds of pots and pans. Made of extra-strong natural fiber bristles, this brush allows great flexibility and strength when cleaning those tough stains. The heat-resistant design allows for use in boiling water and perfect for cleaning and scrubbing hot cookware and kitchen surfaces. The durable, rounded design easily reaches into any corners and crevices. The beautifully-crafted beechwood handle has a comfortable grip and adds an elegant touch to your kitchen sink.

Biodegradable, sustainable, and contains no toxic chemicals.

  • Brush Diameter: 5.5 cm
  • Handle Diameter: 4 cm
  • Bristle Length: 2 cm
  • Total Length: 8 cm 

  • Eco friendly
Untreated beechwood brush body will vary somewhat from the product image due to the natural color of the wood.
For maintenance, use lukewarm water and mild shampoo; tower blot to remove excess moisture and air dry with bristles facing down to prevent damage to wooden head.