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Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee FIlter

IDR 160,000
IDR 120,000

A much better quality, a  more economical, and an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper filters! Made of high quality stainless steel, our Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter features double-layered super-fine mesh to ensure that the most essential coffee oils and nutrients pass through to your cup for a full-bodied, flavorful cup.

Our versatile coffee filter can accommodate all your coffee brewing needs. Designed to universally fit most mugs and branded carafes, our coffee filter features a stainless steel cup stand that you can detach to fit any of your branded carafes, or attach to directly brew into your single-serve mug. It also features an easy-to-grip BPA-free silicone handle to prevent burns, and has a rubber base to keep the filter steady and prevent it from sliding off your cup.

While our coffee filters are designed to be clog-free, we also included a brush to make cleaning a breeze!

Dimensions: 9.5 cm (height), 11.5 cm (diameter)

  • Eco-friendly
  • Carbon Responsible
Single-use paper coffee filters.
This item has 93.93% less carbon emissions than its conventional counterpart.

Verified by Bumiterra.
Filter: stainless steel body, silicone grip.
Cleaning brush: metal handle, nylon bristles.
100% recyclable paper box.
Metal: 100% recyclable in metal recycling.
Nylon: 100% recyclable in plastic recycling.
Paper box: 100% recyclable in paper recycling.